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Hi! I'm Andre Costa

Born in Rio de Janeiro

Matured in New York City

Living life in Fort Lauderdale

Work life so far

Rio de Janeiro
1988 - 2001

Rio de Janeiro

Rodobens, Varig Airlines, United Airlines/Galileo

New York City
2001 - 2021

New York

NobleWorks, MoMA, Shutterstock, RapidRatings

Fort Lauderdale
2021 - Current

Fort Lauderdale


A few things I can help you with

What I am currently reading

The first time I heard about The Magicians was when I started watching the TV show. I really liked the first season. The second season has some ups and downs, so I sort of stopped watching it. I have started watching it again, but very slowly (I tend to binge the shows I like; not the case with The Magicians).

But the story captured my imagination and I decided to give the book a try (I am one of those people who believe the book is usually much better than the TV version – I’m looking at you The Wheel of Time).

I challenged myself to read 25 books in 2022 and have read 33 so far. I’ll go for 35 books in 2023!

Join me at the GoodReads Reading Challenge.

List of past books

Podcasts I follow

What I am working on

Current Projects

Brazucas Pelo Mundo

Brazucas Pelo Mundo, or BPM, is a podcast/website I run with a very close friend who lives in Canada with his wife, daughter, son, Chloe (the cat), and Ivy (the dog).

We interview Brazilians who live abroad about their experiences as expatriates, their struggles, successes, and funny stories.

I developed and maintain the website and our social media.


A few years back my husband came across the idea of not dieting but changing his lifestyle (after doing a lot of research). 

The idea of dieting (this is our own opinion!) is that you do it when you want to reach a certain weight, for instance. 

The issue with that (in our opinion, again!) is that you go on a diet, reach your goal, and then go back to whatever weight you had before that made you unhappy. Then wash and repeat!

Our goal was to introduce a change in lifestyle, and the idea behind keto sounded like a good one for us. So I am now dedicated to the Keto diet…or so I hope, as I love me some carbs! Fingers crossed!

Tools & Gadgets I am loving

Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer

The window into the basket sold me on this fryer after my previous one broke down.
This model air fries, roasts, broils, bakes, reheat, and dehidrate.

Chicago Skates Chicago Men's Premium Leather Lined Rink Roller Skate

To be fair, I bought this one but have not yet played with it.
I used to roller skate a lot when I was a kid. I’d come from school, put the skates on, and only take them off when it was time for dinner.
Now it will be a way to add some exercising into my life.

Backgammon Set

AMEROUS Backgammon Set, 15 Inches Classic Board Game with Leather Case, Folding Board, Gift Package, Portable Travel Strategy Backgammon Game Set for Adults, Kids (Medium, Brown)

Inflatable Fire Boat Pool Float

I bought this pool float for my 4-year-old godson. He absolutely loved it! Especially the squirt gun, which despite his age he was always able to aim the water right in my eye! 

the end